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Australia International Student arrivals drop from tens of thousands to dozens

  While figures from the Department of Home Affairs show 555,310 student-visa holders remained in Australia as of June 30, arrivals from overseas have ground to a halt. Last July, an estimated 144,000 students arrived in time for the second semester of study, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This July, just 40 students arrived. With international travel largely at a halt, restricting students' ability to return home for visits, there are also fewer departures than last year. But the number of students leaving still far exceeds those arriving. Student-visa holder arrivals and departures 2019 arrivals 2019 departures 2020 arrivals 2020 departures Jan 90,260 68,720 91,610 75,640 Feb 183,900 44,650 121,320 28,960 Mar 72,150 31,960 60,360 42,130

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